Wildflower Farms
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Our Story



Founded in 2000 by professional botanist Jennifer Lee Segale, Wildflower Farms is an organic landscape design and consulting company, based in Half Moon Bay California and serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area.  We specialize in coastal plantings, edible gardens, habitat restoration, unique plant sourcing, all with a focus on plant and soil care. With a rich back ground in farming and plant propagation, Jenn’s obsession is plants. She continues to sustainably farm on the CA coast, focusing on dry-farming spices and medicinal herbs. Her furthered education is independent botany and ethnobotany research.


Wildflower Farms is known for our inspired planting designs, quick and professional communication, and meaningful focus on our client's lifestyles, tastes, and needs. Read on for what to expect when working with us.

  • A prompt appointment with Jenn on-site.

  • A valuable on-site meeting with Jenn giving details on your project. We do not just offer “free estimates”.

  • A detailed specifications packet outlining our on-site meeting, all researched and custom designed for your garden and your needs.

  • Down & dirty info on your garden.

  • Botany advise from a professional who cares for the environment and exclusively uses organic methods and materials.

  • Quick communication: we call back. we email quickly. Jenn is available to give you the best info and ideas for your property.

  • We will always hold nature’s best interest with every project we work on..

  • We work Monday – Thursday, excluding holidays.

How it Works

Upon booking our first consultation, Jenn will meet you on-site for about 30 – 60 minutes (or more if needed). Together we will discuss the ins-and-outs of your property. This includes:

  • soil structure

  • established plant’s health

  • water/irrigation needs

  • infrastructure

  • garden ornamentation (pots, etc.)

  • developing a project priority list

  • plant list with quantities and sizes

  • fertilizing info

  • long term and short term maintenance schedule

  • resources for who to work with and where to purchase

  • general gardener’s knowledge

  • & more!


READY TO BOOK A CONSULTATION? Fill out our questionnaire and we'll be in touch. 


I offer services for the person who wants to invest time and resources into their garden. I exclusively work with client’s who LOVE gardens - understanding that working with nature takes time, patience, care and observation.

Please be ready for our scheduled appointment time. (I will arrive on time and be completely focused on you, kindly do the same so we can get the most out of our time together and get going on creating a fabulous garden.)

Within 2 weeks (or sooner) of our consultation, I will e-mail or send you a copy of all the specifications (No need to take notes during our meeting). From there, you will have a detailed priority list and action plan to get your garden projects started and completed on time and on budget. If you have questions relating to what we talked about after our meeting, feel free to call or e-mail at no charge.

You can also request a budget or quote for the portion of the work my team and I can help you with. Payment is due in full after our itemized invoice is submitted. We accept payment the day the job is complete. Payments are made to Wildflower Farms, via check or cash.