Wildflower Farms



At Wildflower Farms, our garden services are offered with a personalized focus for your property and family - while honoring nature's integrity and beauty. We focus on landscape designs, garden planting and estate garden management. We are based in Half Moon Bay, and most often serve the Coastside, Woodside, Palo Alto, Atherton, Peninsula, Hillsborough, and SF. If we are the right fit, we happily travel to the Napa or Carmel Valley and beyond. 

To begin, please fill out our submission form and read the following information below. During April - December we tend to book up quickly, first come first serve.

1. Fill out submission form, set date for initial consultation. 

2. During consultation, determine the scope of work you need accomplished - if you need just consulting and an estimate - or - a landscape design. 

3. After estimate is received, plan installation. 

4. After installation, discuss maintenance and follow up appointments for long term health and design of the garden. 


Our consulting services are grounded in the ideal that what is good for the plant is good for your garden. We offer consulting on your landscape design or garden, focusing on organics & sustainability, habitat restoration, and continuity in plant design.

Wildflower Farms offers one-time or long term consulting on your landscape design or garden – focusing on organics and sustainability. This includes coming to your property and evaluating your existing garden. We will collaborate to create and plan a new design with planting and garden ornamentation – such as ponds, pottery, fountains, vertical growing walls, stone work, etc. Your garden’s personal IPM (Integrated Pest Management) system will be developed through our meeting and we will show you how to incorporate this in your garden. 

For smaller projects, this initial meeting outlining your garden’s specifications is helpful in getting you a detailed plant list, including variety names, sizes, quantities and info on where to purchase your plants. Same goes for your soil, compost, fertilizers – etc.

Consulting can be a one-time job, or we can be hired throughout the project. Collaborating throughout the project ensures the job is done thoroughly and everything is integrated with ease with your exact specifications in mind, keeping the well being of your garden our highly goal.

$165. per hour, after initial consultation. 

Initial consultation flat rate fee of $300. Minimums and travel fees apply outside of Half Moon Bay. This fee includes our onsite meeting, and email follow up. *This does not include any design or drawing work. 


A concise and beautiful design is fundamental in every garden, as is continuity and theme. Be it a wild, raw and natural design with organized chaos. Or something more orchestrated; tightly clipped and of high design.  

The first step is the consultation.

As a designer, Jenn asks questions to understand and cultivate your vision, guiding the overall design. The intention is to produce a landscape design that is a reflection of your own personal creativity and style, mixed with nature and all of her ineffable beauty and elements of surprise.

Once we have completed our consultation, a design can be achieved through on-site plant placement, or more traditionally, through a drafting of your new landscape. On-site designs are based on Jenn's ideas and creative freedom with plant material. It's an organic flow of plant placement and ornamentation (pottery, pathways, etc.). On-site design is good for smaller gardens that do not need a landscape drawing, which tends to save on budget. 

Our planting designs (drawings) are done expressly for you and carefully hand-drafted (no CAD here!). These conceptual drawings indicate the borders, hardscape, and general layout of your garden. They also include details on specific plant placement, including existing trees and plants, as well as any stonework, ponds, pottery, or other decorative elements. Your drawing comes with a binder of specifications, created custom to your project. This resource includes every detail in how to develop your garden, including information on soil amending, irrigation, drainage, existing plant management, new plants, garden ornamentation, future maintenance, resources and any other research you need done. Your design is complete with a drawing and binder of specifications.

We can help efficiently implement your design from start to finish, working hands-on with contractors or other gardeners involved on the property. This helps ensure that your design will come to fruition quickly and as close to the custom design specifications as possible.

$165. per hour. Minimum dependent on project scale. Generally, designs run between $1200. - $2400. 


Our landscaping projects range in size and scope. We specialize in coastal plantings, edible gardens, habitat restoration, unique plant sourcing, and plant and soil care. We utilize organic methods in both planting and maintenance. 

We offer detailed maintenance to projects we design and plant. This includes monthly tending, designed to keep the health and overall style of your garden intact. Often a garden can grow out of it's original design; we are available to reestablish and gently tame a garden back to a healthy, thriving well-sculpted environment. We love taking time with our gardens, watching them grow, evolve, ebb and flow. Working with nature is our specialty.